Rockin’ indie pop trio, The Duskwhales, released a new single this week on September 4th, 2020. I just got a chance to sit down with it this morning, so here’s my take:

“Dressed in Lilac” opens with snaps and a plucky bright guitar riff, which got my head gently noddin’ to the beat right away. Then with a little harmonic whir, the tune plunges into wide-open fresh-air drums, rounded happy keys, and big buzzy distortion.

It’s easy to slap “feel-good” on most songs from The Duskwhales. Seriously, these guys have got the windows-down, sipping lemonade, crusin’ down the coast with your best friend energy on lock. But god, this single is a blissful sigh.

The dancing melodies and counter-melodies. The little minor-to-major steps down during the verses. The comically low voice stacked on every other line during the pre-chorus followed directly by a quippy little castanet. The melismatic chorus, warm with love and harmony. The vocal falsetto on “velvet” that has me tasting a shade of periwinkle. The chorus-y guitar and the twinkling piano flourishes. The bouncing “hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo” backing vocals toward the end of the song. The fade-out that washes away to reveal a steady beat that leaves me boppin’ my head even after the tune has ended.

It truly feels good.

Lyrically, “Dressed in Lilac” is a simple, loving ode to someone whose aura just has to be a magical swirl of purples. My favorite line: “You’re my human.”

Thanks to The Duskwhales – Seth Flynn, Chris Baker, and Brian Majewski – for this three-minute vacation of a song. Congratulations to their recording team – Jim Ebert, John Brooks, and Angus Quinn – on producing such a clean recording. And beautiful work on the cover art, Diona West.

Follow and listen to The Duskwhales by exploring the link buttons below:

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