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Chapter One

Songwriting goals, keeping track of the process, content journaling, scales (chromatic, major, and minor), making space for the work.

Chapter Two

Identifying themes, organizing journal content into song parts, crafting and then combining rhyming stanzas into song structures, scale degrees and their associated chords, the circle of fifths, effective practice and writing sessions.

Chapter Three

The relationship between the mood of the lyrics and the mood of the music, chord types and their mood associations, chord formulas and charts, common chord progressions, applying progressions to song parts

Chapter Four

Self-editing lyrics, peer-reviewing lyrics, defining the time signature(s) by grouping beats to support the meter, creating atmosphere and style by manipulating space, dynamics, rhythm, and technique, reviewing scales in preparation for melody work.

Chapter Five

Balancing songwriting and production, finding your vocal range, choosing a key, building melodies using scales, the relationship between chaos and creative breakthroughs.

Chapter Six

Learning from input to improve output, analyzing an iconic song to review concepts from class, performance skills, making a performance video, speedwriting challenge.


Sharing songs and giving feedback.